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New managers are facing challenging working environments filled with rapid change and former management legacies that created employee burnout and apathy. Below are 5 things new managers should focus on when transitioning into a management role from from a non-management … Read More
We are in a new year with the perfect time to turn over a new leaf of your leadership. It is truly head-spinning to see how quickly time goes by. This leaves us all with a choice. The choice to … Read More
The other day, I had lunch with a high-profile business leader who told me about a time when she decided to recognize employees. After starting in her new role, that she did something selfless. Although she had only been in … Read More
In a 2017 study, prominent researchers found a statistically significant correlation between low morale and motivation on employees’ productivity & competitiveness. The effects of low employee morale in the workplace can be devastating to organizational and team success. Here are … Read More
Cultural transformation is not an overnight event. The word ‘transformation’ means, “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.” So, cultural transformation is a change or shift in an organization or a team. The road to such shift is … Read More
Years ago, I worked in an organization with a senior manager whose very presence ruined employee morale. I saw the carnage he left around him. I also saw how the employees felt helpless to do anything about it. Below are … Read More
This last week I was a keynote speaker at a human resources (HR) conference. I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman who made an argument for why HR is not responsible for employee engagement. You might be wondering how … Read More
In my line of work, employees at all levels of organizations tell me things that they don’t tell others. Just recently, I was chatting with someone who worked as a mid-level employee for private equity firms her entire career. She … Read More
Today is Memorial Day, and I get to sit at my kitchen counter drinking lovely coffee and breathing in the air and blue skies of Colorado. Yes! I GET to do those things. Everyday, I look into my children’s eyes … Read More
Some of you might not be aware that this past Sunday, Mother’s Day, I spoke at the TEDx Colorado Springs event. There were so many turning points and milestones leading up to that day, but the one thing that hit … Read More
In my work with executive leaders, I often hear their frustration with bureaucracy. They feel like the organizational layers stifle their creativity and ability to get stuff done. This, then, affects their ability to make decisions and communicate effectively with … Read More
This past week, I was honored to take part in Harvard Business Review Brasil, Brasil Week in Sao Paulo. I was super excited to share my insights on the key driver for employee loyalty with a large crowd of engaged … Read More
After speaking multiple times to hotel employees reluctant to give me the bed make and model, I finally spoke with the general manager who admitted his own issues with mattresses and agreed to provide me the bed information. I was … Read More
About 4 months ago, my husband and I were asked to become marriage mentors at our church. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised. I definitely did not see us as a worthy couple. I don’t think you’d … Read More
How important is your dash?
A while ago, my family and I visited my aunts and cousins in Ohio. It was the first time that both sides met one another. My kids had a blast getting to know people they had only heard about in … Read More

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